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Emergency EV!!!

We found out last week that our go-karts were not going to be back in SUTD on time for the 16th-18th Oct Learning Celebration Carnival.

We have thus decided to magically make a go-kart appear make a working go kart in the short span of about 20 days.

Procurement so far has been terrible partly due to the lack of McMaster and Andy Mark and tncscooters and monsterscooterparts and all those other wonderful sites Americans take for granted get to enjoy. Over here in Singapore, the two largest online vendors that deal with hardware in general are Misumi and RS Components.

On the plus side, we have our own waterjet, but we’ve got to convert all our cad to fit to the metric system – 80/20 rails are now 25mm thick (instead of 1 inch) and secured with M6 screws instead of quarter inch bolts…

By the time this post was written, most of the ordering has already been done. What remains to be seen is if we can actually get something moving…