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Emergency EV is done!

And so the emergency ev is done! We’ve managed to build it cannablizing parts from another go kart-ish thing inspired by the chibikart blog, but at least it’s done!

Nishard on the Emergency EV

Nishard on the Emergency EV

Important things to note for the future:

  1. RS Components is a wonderful site as they have a warehouse in SIngapore, and they do next day delivery.
  2. Always check and double confirm the order that you’ve made both through your own screenshot and through the receipt they send through the email – RS Components’ website bugged out and resulted in me buying 3 bags of M12 nuts 3 times because they always sent me M8 instead and I assumed I clicked wrongly.
  3. McMaster has all the CAD files you could ever need.
  4. Waterjet can’t take files that are too complicated. Always let the auto pathing create the path and keep tweaking the file and configurations until it works – if you manually draw the paths there’s a chance that the waterjet will bug out, and in the worst case, destroy your material.
  5. Always buy spares of almost everything.

Now that the Emergency EV is over, I guess I could finally re-embark upon the mini amigo bot. Oh my.