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The Most Human Human

A really good friend of mine lent me this book, which I recently managed to devour in just about 2 days:

Book Cover of the Most Human Human

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Written by a guy that did an undergraduate degree in computer science and philosophy, and an MFA in poetry, the book was ultimately a fascinating exploration of how an AI compares to a human, and what place AI might (or should) eventually have in society.

With topics ranging from Information Entropy, the Turing Test, the Loebner Prize, Deep Blue vs Gary Kasparov, rendering algorithms and Game Theory, the book presents itself almost like a steam of consciousness, as the author explores the effect of AI and the advent of reasoning in our society.

I came away from reading this book learning just enough about all these topics to whet the appetite, but not really enough to shed light on any truly difficult questions…


Go Karts are Back in Singapore!

The lorry with our goodies!

The lorry with our goodies!

Haha it came back in pieces.

Haha it came back in pieces.

Taking up space in Fab Lab 2

Taking up space in Fab Lab 2

Our go karts are finally back from MIT!! Hilarity ensued when we found various nuts and bolts dropping out of the crates and we attempted to figure out where everything came from.

Charles has kindly shipped all his spare parts from the 2.00summer go kart course so we can continue to work on our EVs without having to order and ship extra stuff to SUTD.

It was a mild let down that our go karts arrived after both the Learning Carnival and the visit by the Solar Car team from Eindhoven – Learning Carnival was something that was organized from 16th-18th of Oct so that we could share with each other what we’ve all done over the summer. For us, a large part of it was the go kart experience that we had in MIT, and so we decided to try to build another go kart in < 4 weeks, so that we had something to show everyone else.

To me, Go Karts and Homemade-Motorized-Things-That-Move are important to everyone (especially engineers) not only because they’re hilarious and utter fun, but because it gives everyone an opportunity to build.

Now that we have our go karts, parts and supplies, and more importantly go-kart knowledge, an annual SUTD Grand Prix might actually become reality. Muahaha.