The Most Human Human

A really good friend of mine lent me this book, which I recently managed to devour in just about 2 days:

Book Cover of the Most Human Human

<photo from>

Written by a guy that did an undergraduate degree in computer science and philosophy, and an MFA in poetry, the book was ultimately a fascinating exploration of how an AI compares to a human, and what place AI might (or should) eventually have in society.

With topics ranging from Information Entropy, the Turing Test, the Loebner Prize, Deep Blue vs Gary Kasparov, rendering algorithms and Game Theory, the book presents itself almost like a steam of consciousness, as the author explores the effect of AI and the advent of reasoning in our society.

I came away from reading this book learning just enough about all these topics to whet the appetite, but not really enough to shed light on any truly difficult questions…


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