Extreme Goodies

Arron just told me about deal extreme, and it’s a great site for cheap china electronics. One of the largest problems with the previous Arduino minime setup was the voltage regulator, which kept burning out – you can find a cheap buck converter (a much better piece of electronics which accomplishes the same function) on there for about 3.90, which is about as cheap as it gets.

With this, I could get a 3s or 12V battery pack and use the buck converter to get the voltage down to 5V so the Arduino could accept it safely (but actually the arduino can accept up to 12V so this isn’t needed, and if it must it can take up to 20V) but in the interest of preserving the Arduino and having a relatively constant voltage supply this is probably the best way to go about it. 12V is also the recommended voltage for most dc motors, so a 12V pack is generally a good idea.

You could also get interesting things like a dc motor controller, which can take up to 800mA, perfect for two low power Pololu micrometal gear motors rated for 0.36A each.

And whaddyaknow shipping to Singapore is free. Win.


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