Timeline for Developing the miniamigobot

We have to rush crazily before the academic term begins to get our stuff up, and we don’t want to sit on this project for too long.

Endpoint: A small robot that can move around at a rough speed of about 10cm/s and be able to sense it’s surroundings with two sonars that can be swivelled about. This robot must be able to interface through a serial port with a mac/pc/linuxbox running Python code. Sample python and arduino code must exist to show that this robot can run simple algorithms such as AngleProp and DelayProp.

From now till 16 Sept (start of term): Fabrication and Cadding

Term 4 Week 1-4: Coding and Testing

Term 4 Week 5-6: Testing and Preparation for presentation

Term 4 Recess Week (week 7): Presentation

Term 7: Next batch of 3.007 happens, and if this works out we’ll be providing support.


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