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Solder, solder, solder, solder.


Our controller came with the ring terminals. However, we decided that they wouldnt be too glam when we put it our our kart. Therefore, we decided to swap all of them out into the bullet connectors. They look awesome.

photo copy

Well, here’s a picture of the ring terminals before soldering.


After soldering millions of parts, we had to painstakingly connect all the wiring. It’s really quite messy.


Our 2 cool switches in the middle of our kart.


Just look at the mess of wires!


The Batt Mobile. Complete with all electronics. We can’t wait till we connect the battery and fire it up tomorrow!

Till then.


Rolling test… Completed!


Today’s the big day! Rolling test!


Mounted accelerator pedal.


Another view of the go kart.

IMG_0245 IMG_0246

Steering and motor!




Batt Mobile


Hall Effect sensor.


Soldered hall effect sensor.


Yes we passed the rolling test! Here’s our certificate 😛


Us in front of The Batt Mobile.


We got 10/10 wooo!

IMG_0255 IMG_0256

Once again the soldered hall sensors.


The wires coming out from our throttle.

That concludes our journey with the Mechanical Component of this EV summer program. Time for electronics! Can’t wait to get the car moving!

Chassis… Completed!

And so… We began our assembly after dinner, at about… 8pm?


Andrew fixing the front wheel.


Andrew fixing the front wheel again. The front wheel was slightly problematic as the holes were somehow misaligned. They weren’t misaligned the first time we put them in. We think it was largely due to the fact that the top and bottom plates were not aligned properly. Nonetheless, the wheels can somewhat rotate. Do remember to align the top and bottom plate in future!


Accelerator pedal fixed onto chassis. The front segment gave us many problems. We had to take the bars in and out and in and out many times because we forgot 1 bracket or something like that. Or we had to adjust the position of certain components. It was really time consuming.


Front wheels, brakes, accelerator completed! (Part of steering as well)


Some random picture, nothing much to take note of, other than the 2 horizontal aluminium 0.25inch plates across the chassis. We cut the 0.125 ones wrongly. Sadly 😦 what a waste.


Fixing on the back wheel. Once again this was another problematic one as we fixed on the rear wheel as a whole, together with the chain and motor. It was really hard to squeeze the 80/20 in between the plates!


Brakes proved to be really difficult as well. We had to find a balance of it being too close to the wheel and it being unable to provide enough force when we jam the brakes.


Almost completed, with steering wheel on. The steering wheel is really quite bad as it is not 100% attached to the shaft. It’s kinda loose. When we turn, the steering wheel just rotates about the axis but the wheels don’t turn. Gotta fix that.


After 7 long hours of fixing, we are finally done with our chassis! Here’s a picture of Andrew sitting on the kart.


Here’s a picture of our kart! Batt Mobileeeeee. Did we mention that the seats are made from towels? It’s really comfy. Do try it!


Another perspective of the bat mobile! More work to be done on tweaking steering and brakes and we are ready for mech inspection.

Signing off at 4:11am :O




So… Our wheels are finally complete! We drilled the washer and the sprocket onto the wheel with the inner ring of the plastic wheel. Charles used 6 screws for Chibikart. 6 screws sounds legit, but we thought we would just go 12 for extra safety 😀




Loctite-ed bolt. I think Andrew blogged about it previously already. So yes we have to saw this bolt down as it was blocking our steering. Cold Saw and Band Saw won’t work as it can’t cut steel. I had to hack saw it really really hard. And then we found something awesome and cut it really quickly!



Okay here’s the sewing machine we borrowed to sew our “beach chair” that is going to be attached to our go kart.


Winding the bobbin.


Finally threaded the machine after learning how to thread it. So I spent like 5 hours figuring out why the stupid machine makes all the thread really lose behind but really nice from the front. And then Xin Hui chanced upon me sewing something and she asked what I was doing. I told her about the seat and she said she has sewn stuff before!


And so yes here is Xin Hui helping us sew the seat made from a towel.


The completed towel! 4 lines of stitching


Here’s the seat, 8 inches wide and 21 inches long.

So yes that’s it for today. 4 more days till Mech inspection


2013-07-22 21.50.43

And so we’ve finally started loctiting our stuff. All our wheels are now liberally blessed with loctite, and soon our entire cart will be loctited. Mwahaha. The brake lever in the photo now works as well. Woohoo.

That said, we’re having a huge problem with the chain tension:

2013-07-20 00.31.03

The chain tension in this picture is immense. I don’t know how we gorilla-ed it in, but it’s insane. Probably gotta do something to the motor mount holes to get the tension down.